Great Outdoors Radio Club (GORC)

The Great Outdoors Radio Club (GORC) was formed “so all amateur radio operators who love the outdoors would have a place to call home.”


GORC offers the Pine Code Award.  The Pine Cone Award certificate is available to members of GORC who operate from an ‘outdoor QTH’.  The first Pine Cone is issued for working a maximum of five different stations in a 24 hour period whilst you are in a portable location.  You are limited to counting a maximum of five QSOs in a 24 hour period, and are eligible for the first Pine Cone after accumulating 25 QSOs.  You can apply for an a second Pine Cone after logging an additional 25 QSOs, and so on, up to a maximum of five Pine Cones.

For more information on the Great Outdoors Radio Club, please check out their website at…..

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