2022 Remembrance Day (RD) Contest

I took part in the Remembrance Day (RD) Contest over the weekend. It also coincided with the very first sleepover of my little grandson Flynn. But thanks to my wife Marija, I got on air whenever possible.

I made a total of 812 QSOs with a claimed score of 974 points. Contacts were made on 20, 40, & 80m SSB.

The majority of my contacts were on the 40m band. The graph below shows my QSOs per band.

The graph below shows my contacts per State/Territory. The significant majority were into Victoria (VK3). It was really pleasing to get so many contacts into Western Australia (VK6).

Saturday afternoon on 20m was a write-off for the contest, as I was swamped with calls from Europe and UK, and worked a bit of a pile-up. Unfortunately, contacts outside of VK, ZL, & P29 do not count for the RD Contest.

The map below shows my contacts, both RD and DX contacts.

The map below shows my long path 20m contacts into Europe/United Kingdom on Saturday afternoon.

The map below shows my contacts around Australia and New Zealand during the contest. There was not a huge amount of ZL participation that I experienced. I logged 20 ZL contacts.

Whilst working VK and ZL on 40m on Saturday evening I was called by a station in Peru in South America. That was a real surprise.

Thanks to everyone who called. Although a long way off the leaders I had a lot of fun.

AREG CAR Boot Sale

I will be attending the AREG Car Boot Sale with Adam VK2YK. We will be manning a table promoting the WWFF program.

As an official ARRL DXCC card checker, I will also be checking ID for people who wish to get up and going in Logbook Of The World (LOTW), and I will also be checking any QSL cards for ARRL awards, e.g. DXCC.

If you do wish to have ID sighted, or have QSL cards checked, please ensure you have completed the appropriate paperwork.