Home from our trip away

We are home from our trip to Bordertown.

We activated eight silos for the Silos On The Air (SiOTA) program, and six parks for the VKFF Activation Weekend for the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.

We made a total of 944 QSOs and 272 Park to Park contacts.

Contacts into VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, VK6, VK7, VK8, Japan, and New Zealand.


  • Poocher Swamp Game Reserve VKFF-1741 (122 QSOs)
  • Custon Conservation Park VKFF-1024 (95 QSOs)
  • Wolseley Common Conservation Park VKFF-1125 (126 QSOs)
  • Pine Hill Soak Conservation Park VKFF-1078 (173 QSOs)
  • Bangham Conservation Park VKFF-0869 (116 QSOs)
  • Geegeela Conservation Park VKFF-0883 (106 QSOs)


  • Coomandook VK-CMK5 (25 QSOs)
  • Coonalpyn VK-CNN5 (21 QSOs)
  • Tintinara VK-TNA5 (21 QSOs)
  • Keith VK-KTH5 (19 QSOs)
  • Wirrega VK-WRG5 (32 QSOs)
  • Bordertown South VK-BRN5 (23 QSOs)
  • Bordertown East VK-BRT5 (31 QSOs)
  • Wolseley VK-WLY5 (34 QSOs)

I will start adding posts about each of the activations over the next few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who called.  We had a fantastic 4 days away.

Radio Taiwan International – 12100 kHz

On 22nd November 2021, I tuned in to Radio Taiwan International broadcasting on 12100 kHz in the English language. This was a new frequency for me for this station.

This broadcast was from their 100kW transmitter site at Pao-chung.

The overall reception of Radio Taiwan was good. The signal strength was excellent, but there was interference from FEBC on 12095 kHz.


Below is a short video of my reception of Radio Taiwan International.


  1. Short-Wave Info, 2021,<https://www.short-wave.info/>, viewed 22nd November 2021
  2. World Radio TV Handbook, 2021

4KZ QSL card

Back on the 8th October 2021, I tuned in to 4KZ at Innisfail, Queensland, on 5055 kHz. Yesterday I received an envelope from Al Kirton, the General Manager, who is also an amateur VK4FFKZ.

The envelope contained a letter from Al.

There was also a QSL card.

Also some 4KZ stickers.

And also an information pamphlet.


Yesterday in the mail I received a QSL card from Daniel OA9DVK who was operating from Chayu Nain Communal Reserve OAFF-0040 in PERU.

I worked Daniel on the following dates:-

  • 3rd October 2021
  • 5th October 2021 (from home)
  • 5th October 2021 (whilst I was mobile)


Yesterday in the mail I received some QSL cards from John CT2GSN in PORTUGAL. The cards were to confirm contacts that Marija VK5MAZ and myself had made with John on 26th September 2021 whilst he was activating a summit for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program. John was running just 10 watts at the time.

John also sent us two SOTA Portugal patches.

John’s summit was Serra de Airo CT/ MN-045, a 403-metre peak.

Above:- Serra de Airo. Image c/o Google maps.


This afternoon I received an electronic QSL card via email from KTWR in GUAM for my reception of their station on 7th November 2021.

Their email stated:-

“Thank you for taking the time to send us a reception report. It is always great to hear from listeners in many different locations and to know how our signal is getting through. For reception reports received via email, we send an eQSL card unless paper is requested.  We are pleased to present you with the attached card.”

Also included was a KTWR program schedule.