An evening of DX portable/mobile contacts

Last night (Monday 12th September 2021) I burnt the midnight oil a little and worked a handful of DX portable/mobile stations on 20m on the short path. The band was alive with European signals due to the Worked All Europe DX Contest, but I focussed on the portable operators who were operating outside of the Contest.

First in the log was Joe M1DLS who was activating Northumbrian Coast SPA-Blyth North Beach GFF-0339. Joe was 5/3 and gave me a 5/3 also. The map below shows his location.

Map showing the location of GFF-0339

The photos below show GFF-0339 (c/o Google maps).

I found the video below that was put together by Joe of his activation.

Next in the log was Mark M0NOM/p who was activating SOTA peak Whitbarrow-Lords Seat G/ LD-056 in GFF-0233. Mark was 5/3 and he gave me a 5/7.

Mark M0NOM. c/o

The map below shows the location of G/ LD-056 and GFF-0233.

Above:- The location of G/ LD-056 & GFF-0233

More info on the summit can be found at……..

This was followed by Balazs HA5GB/p who was activating SOTA peak HA/ KM-028 in Hungary. The signal reports were 5/3 sent and 4/5 received.

Next was Rodolfo I4RHP/p who was activating Natura 2000 – Alta Valle Del Torrente Sintria IFF-1888 in Italy. The signals were 5/5 both ways. The photos below are c/o

I then spoke with Steve G5EPC who was operating portable with 100 watts and a 5/8th vertical antenna. Steve was 5/5 and he gave a 5/6 signal report. Steve has a website which can be found at…….

Above:- Steve’s vertical. c/o his blog

And finally I spoke with Fraser MM0JHCD/p who was stationary mobile about 40 miles east of Edinburgh. He was running an Icom IC7100, Heil headset, and a MFJ telescopic vertical antenna on the roof of his van. Fraser was 5/4 and he gave me a 5/5 signal report.

I did hear a number of other European/UK SOTA and Park activators, but unfortunately they were being drowned out by other European stations taking part in the Worked All Europe DX Contest.

2021 CQ World Wide WPX Contest results.

Found out today the results of the 2021 CQ World Wide WPX Contest.

I entered into the Single Operator Low Power All Bands section. I came 1st in Australia and 12th in Oceania.

And this is the certificate in the overlay category – Tribander (10, 15, 20m) and single element for 40 & 80m. I came 1st in Australia and 2nd in Oceania.

VK5MAZ in the 2021 ALARA Contest

Over the weekend just gone, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August 2021, the annual ALARA Contest was held. ALARA is the acronym for the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association.

Although we had a number of commitments over the weekend, Marija did manage to sneak in about 3 hours on air during the contest. This was Marija’s first ever contest.

Marija made a total of 124 QSOs on 40m and 80m SSB. Not bad at all considering the amount of time she spent on air. Our Sunday afternoon was spent with the family, including our little grandson Flynn.