WorldWide Flora & Fauna


I am the Australian co-ordinator for The WorldWide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) program

WWFF wants to draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora, and fauna. In this spirit amateur radio operators set up and operate their radio stations from designated nature parks and protected nature areas – generating attention for these areas whilst giving the ham radio community an interesting activity to contact. WWFF is a national and non-commercial program run by the coordinators of a large number of national Flora and Fauna programs.

The Flora and Fauna movement within ham radio was initiated in 2008 by the Russian Robinson Club (RRC) as World Flora and Fauna (WFF) program. In 2012 the program relaunched as WWFF:World Wide Flora and Fauna.  WWFF uses the activity databases of the participating members (containing activities from as early as 1995) as collected in the WWFF logsearch and builds upon the rules and references of the previous program.

In the WWFF Directory you have a list from WWFF Database of National Parks and Nature Reserves throughout the World.

Also, during a QSO each of the Countries provides a reference number, for example: GFF-013 (UK), RFF-002 (Russia), UNFF-003 (Kazakhstan), etc, which corresponds to a particular National Park or Nature Reserve.  Moreover, the Internet site contains a Database (which is continually being updated and added to with your information) that has an indication from which location one or another station is working.

The Australian WWFF website can be located at…..



2 thoughts on “WorldWide Flora & Fauna

  1. Paul Following this month’s AR article I had cause to check the site for an article I’m writing for the National Parks Association of Queensland. The info on Qld NPs is out of date following a major change in legislation some year or so ago. I make the total about 266. The correct reference is Nature Conservation (Protected Areas) Regulation 1994, last updated on 10 April. I suspect another major change is imminent. AR operation has not been favoured in the past for several reasons. I was QPWS senior info officer, now retired. Don VK4AMA

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the info. I am about to head off to Canberra for the WIA AGm. I will have a look at the Regulations when I get back.



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