2 thoughts on “New VK5 Parks brochures

  1. Hi Paul
    I am glad you and Ian had a good time at the buy and sell. It would be interesting to know how many FT817’s were sold on Sunday! That might be a good litmus paper test of the, hopefully, increasing interest in SOTA and the VK5NPCP awards! Anyway, the more people know about QRP operations generally, the better, especially if band conditions decline. I like the brochure as well. I had a good day yesterday.


    John D

  2. Hi John,
    Funny you should mention the sale of the FT817’s at the Buy and Sell. I know that Nigel VK5NIG & Stu VK5STU purchased FT817nd’s. They showed a lot of interest in SOTA & the Parks Award, and sought some advice from Ian & I about the 817. Nigel’s comment to me was…”there you go, I have no excuses now!” So we can expect 2 more fellas to be either on the top of a summit or out in a park somewhere soon.

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