Talk at Adelaide Tech Meet

On Wednesday night I attended the Adelaide Tech Meet meeting at Hackerspace, King William Street in the city, after being invited to do so by Kym VK5FJ.  I delivered a presentation on the portable aspect of amateur radio, which included equipment used, and some of the various formal portable programs including SOTA & the VK5 Parks Award.

Hackerspace are a group of people with an interest in electronics and computing, who meet to work and share on their ideas.


I was the third of five presenters during the evening.  The first 2 presentations were well at least for me, quite technical in regards to computers.  I think I was lost after the first 5 minutes.  But I have never professed to be computer literate.

The meeting was attended by about 25 people who all showed a keen interest, despite the fact that only 3 that were present were amateur radio operators.  Because the majority of the audience were new to amateur radio, I tailored the start of the presentation, and explained in basic terms what ham radio was all about.

Other than the powerpoint presentation, I took along my FT-817nd, a SLAB battery, and a few portable antennas.

Much to my surprise, at least 2 people in attendance showed a very keen interest in obtaining their amateur radio licence.

Thanks to Kym VK5FJ for giving me the opportunity to attend.


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