Bothy bag

My new Highlander Emergency Survival Shelter ‘Bothy bag’ has arrived from the UK.  I purchased a 2-3 person version via e-bay for about $50.00 including postage.

After getting caught out in the drizzle a few times over on the Eyre Peninsula back in June, I decided to buy one to try to keep myself and the radio dry.

It is made of 3000 mm HH waterproof and windproof AB-TEX fabric.  It is high visibility orange and measures 142 cm (length) X 47 cm (width) X 92 cm (height).  Its weight is just 340 grams.  It has some PVC clear windows and a breathing hole with an integrated draw cord.  It is really compact and lightweight, and folds away into a small bag 10 X 22 cm.

$(KGrHqV,!qMFBnboLiN!BQjsUqD5q!~~60_35 2-3 person

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