2,500 point Chaser certificate

And I also received my 2,500 point Chaser certificate as well.

I would like to thank all the keen SOTA activators that have allowed me to reach this level.  I have now crept up to 2,918 points, with 643 Activators worked.

However I have a long way to go to reach the lofty heights of Peter VK3PF who has 5,278 points.  That’s a great effort Peter.  Peter is being chased down by another Peter, VK3FPSR on 3,884 points, and Ernie VK3DET on 3,846 points.  Not far behind is Ron on 3,698 points.

And even more impressive is Roy G4SSH, who is the world’s leading SOTA Chaser.  Roy has worked a total of 19,390 Activators and has a total of 91,000 points.  That is truly mind boggling.  He mustn’t move from the radio !

2,500 point Chaser certi076

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