Scott Conservation Park, VKFF-0934

My second park for Saturday 29th November 2015 was the Scott Conservation Park, VKFF-0934, which is situated north west of Currency Creek on the Fleurieu Peninsula.  It is about 75 km south of Adelaide.

Screenshot 2015-12-12 21.46.58

Above:- Map showing the location of Scott Conservation Park.  Image courtesy of Location SA Map Viewer.

This was another park that I had activated previously as part of the VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award, but prior to it being added to the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  For more information on my previous activation back in December 2013, please see my previous post at…..

After leaving Mount Magnificent I travelled along the Enterprise Road and then turned left onto Nangkita Road, passing through the little town of Nagkita.  I then turned right onto Deep Creek Road and then left onto Gould Road.  There is a sign for the park at this intersection.


Scott Conservation Park is about 210 hectares in size.  It consists of Blue and Pink gum woodlands.  The scrub here is very thick.  That is compared to the cleared land on each side of the park.  The park is home to a large amount of native wildlife including Western Grey Kangaroos, Ringtail Possums and Western Pygmy-possums.  A number of endangered birds are also located in the park including the Chestnut-rumped Heathwren and the Diamond Firetail finch.

There is a small carpark on Gould Road on the northern side of the park.  This appears to be the only way to access the park, as it appears that private land is situated on the western, eastern and southern side of the park.  I parked the 4WD and walked a short distance down a fire access track.  There is a locked gate so you cannot drive down the track.

Screenshot 2015-12-12 21.46.21

Above:- Map showing my operating spot in the northern section of the park.  Image courtesy of Location SA Map Viewer.

I set up my fold up table and deck chair, and the Yaesu FT-857d, and my 20m/40m linked dipole.  I was a little behind schedule but was up and ready to go by 0235 UTC (11.05 a.m. South Australian local time).  I had the transceiver on 14.310 when I turned it on and heard Gerard VK2IO calling CQ from a park.  But I still had not erected the 7 metre telescopic squid pole.  So I quickly put it in place and tied the ends of the dipole to some nearby trees, hoping to get Gerard before he left the frequency.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough.  I gave Gerard a call, but he had gone.

So I headed for 40m and started calling CQ on 7.145.  My first taker there was Stef VK5HSX who was portable in the Murray Sunset National Park, VKFF-0373.  Stef had a very strong 5/9 signal coming in from western Victoria.  My next caller was park regular Rex VK3OF, followed by another park stalwart Peter VK3TKK.  My fourth contact was with Greg VK5ZGY in the Nene Valley Conservation Park, VKFF-0801.

The 40m band was in good shape, with strong signals coming in from VK2, VK3, and VK5.  It wasn’t long before I had a number of other park contacts in the log.  They included:-

  • Gerard VK2IO in the Sydney Harbour National Park, VKFF-0473
  • Cliff VK2NP in the Sea Acres National Park, VKFF-0606
  • Ian VK1DI in the Goorooyaroo Nature Reserve VKFF-0841
  • Greg VK5GJ in the Kyeema Conservation Park VKFF-0826
  • Rob VK4AAC/5 in the Little Dip Conservation Park VKFF-0904
  • Les VK5KLV in the Whyalla Conservation Park, VKFF-0808
  • Pat VK5HAE in the Whyalla Conservation Park, VKFF-0808
  • Adrian VK5FANA in the Bird Islands Conservation Park, VKFF-0871
  • Tony VK3VTH in the Cobram Regional Park, VKFF-0961
  • Amanda VK3FQSO in the Kooyoora State Park VKFF-0729
  • Allen VK3HRA in the Hepburn Regional Park, VKFF-0968

I also had some good QRP contacts.  These included Ian VK5CZ running 5 watts from the Clare Valley (5/9 both ways), and Tom VK5NFT, also running 5 watts from Millicent in the South East (5/7 sent and 5/9 received).  Mal VK5MJ also called in from his boat on the Murray River near Lyrup, in the Riverland region of South Australia.

When things got a little quiet, I had a listen around the band and found Compton VK2HRX on SOTA peak, Mount Canobolas VK2/ CT-001, south west of Orange in New South Wales.  Although Compton was quite weak, we managed a contact (4/1 both ways).

I then returned back higher up the band to 7.144 and called CQ again.  This time my CQ call was answered by Peter VK5APR operating from the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio shack at Blackwood.  Again it wasn’t long before I had some more park to park contacts in the log.  This time they were:-

  • Tom VK5EE in the Penambol Conservation Park, VKFF-0802
  • Greg VK5ZGY in the Canunda National Park, VKFF-0075
  • Col VK5HCF in the Penambol Conservation Park, VKFF-0802
  • Gary VK5FGRY in the Morialta Conservation Park, VKFF-0783

When things slowed down again I seized the opportunity of looking across the band and I soon found Peter VK3ZPF on 7.090 calling CQ from the Point Nepean National Park, VKFF-0628 (5/9 both ways).  Next up was Mick VK3PMG on 7.120 calling CQ from the Gunbower National Park, VKFF-0740 (5/8 both ways).

I then headed off to 20m and started calling CQ on 14.310.  This was answered by Brett VK2VW with a very strong 5/9 signal.  And guess who was next.  Yes, the ever  reliable and ever so keen, Rick VK4RF/VK4HA. who was also 5/9.  I worked a further 4 stations on 20m, making my total contacts 49.

It was then back to 40m briefly to work Ray VK3YAR on a SOTA peak, Mount Bealiba VK3/ VN-026, and then I tried my luck on 15m.  It was down with the 20m/40m linked dipole, which I didn’t pack away, but rather, layed on the ground.  And up with the 15m dipole.  I called CQ on 21.244 and again, my first taker was Brett VK2VW with a good 5/7 signal (5/5 received).  And next, much to my surprise, was Rob VK4FFAB portable in the Geham National Park VKFF-0679 with a good 5/4 signal (5/5 received).  Rob had been encouraging me to use 15m a bit more often, so it was a pleasure to get him in the log.  I worked a further 5 stations on 15m, from VK2, VK4, and Vk6.  This included Gerald VK2HBG in the Bimberamala National Park VKFF-0032.

I then packed away the 15m dipole and re-erected the linked dipole and worked Tony VK3VTH on 14.310, who was portable in the Cobram Regional Park VKFF-0961.

I was pushing it a bit for time, so I went back to 40m for a short period and spoke with Giles VK5GK in the Mount George Conservation Park, VKFF-0784.  This was Giles first ever park activation, so it was a pleasure to speak with Giles.  I then worked Ian VK5CZ in the Spring Gully Conservation Park, VKFF-0816, and then Greg VK5GJ in the Cox Scrub Conservation Park, VKFF-0824.

I decided to call CQ one last time on 7.135 and Joe VK3YSP responded.  Joe was operating portable from the Dromana Pier with his wife Julie VK3YSP.  My final contact was with Keith VK2PKT, who has recently become a regular park hunter.

So after about 2 and 1/2 hours in the park I had a total of 66 contacts in the log, including another 26 park to park contacts.  This was another great activation, which was watched on by the little fella below, a Shingleback lizard, who was sunning himself only a few metres away from where I was operating.  Fortunately I did not see any snakes.


The following stations were worked on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK5HSX/p (Murray Sunset National Park VKFF-0373)
  2. VK3OF
  3. VK3TKK
  4. VK5ZGY/p (Nene Valley Conservation Park VKFF-0801)
  5. VK5ZTS
  6. VK5CZ
  7. VK5HYZ
  8. VK5QI/m
  9. VK3NBV
  10. VK5FMID
  11. VK5KX
  12. VK2IO/p (Sydney Harbour National Park VKFF-0473)
  13. VK5FO/m
  14. VK2NP/p (Sea Acres National Park VKFF-0606)
  15. VK1DI/p (Goorooyaroo Nature Reserve VKFF-0841)
  16. VK3PMG/m
  17. VK5GJ/p (Kyeema Conservation Park VKFF-0826)
  18. VK4AAC/5 (Little Dip Conservation Park, VKFF-0904)
  19. VK5KLV/p (Whyalla Conservation Park VKFF-0808)
  20. Pat VK5HAE/p (Whyalla Conservation Park VKFF-0808)
  21. VK5FANA/p (Bird Islands Conservation Park VKFF-0871)
  22. VK5BW
  23. VK3VTH/p (Cobram Regional Park VKFF-0961)
  24. VK3FQSO/p (Kooyoora State Park VKFF-0729)
  25. VK3HRA/p (Hepburn Regional Park VKFF-0968)
  26. VK5AVQ
  27. VK5MJ/mm
  28. VK3DBP
  29. VK5NFT
  30. VK5AV
  31. VK5PL
  32. VK5TR
  33. VK2HRX/p (SOTA VK2/ CT-001)
  34. VK5APR
  35. VK3AKK
  36. VK5EE/p (Penambol Conservation Park VKFF-0802)
  37. VK5ZGY/p (Canunda National Park VKFF-0075)
  38. VK5HCF/p (Penambol Conservation Park VKFF-0802)
  39. VK5MRE
  40. VK5FGRY/p (Morialta Conservation Park VKFF-0783)
  41. VK3PF
  42. VK3ZPF/p (Point Nepean National Park VKFF-0628)
  43. VK3PMG/p (Gunbower National Park VKFF-0740)
  44. VK3YAR/p (SOTA VK3/ VN-026)
  45. VK5GK/p (Mount George Conservation Park VKFF-0784)
  46. VK5CZ/p (Spring Gully Conservation Park VKFF-0816)
  47. VK5GJ/p (Cox Scrub Conservation Park VKFF-0824)
  48. VK3YSP/p
  49. VK3FOWL/p
  50. VK2PKT

The following stations were worked on 20m SSB:-

  1. VK2VW
  2. VK4RF
  3. VK4HA
  4. VK7CW
  5. VK2UH
  6. VK3PAT
  7. VK3HMV
  8. VK3VTH/p (Cobram Regional Park VKFF-0961)

The following stations were worked on 15m SSB:-

  1. VK2VW
  2. VK4FFAB/p (Geham National Park VKFF-0679)
  3. VK4RF
  4. VK4HA
  5. VK2PH
  6. VK2HBG/p (Bimberamala National Park VKFF-0032)
  7. VK4ZD
  8. VK6MJP

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