DX WWFF contacts

This evening (Monday 12th December 2016) I worked Nadika 4S7RS who was activating the Hiyare Forest Reserve 4SFF-0019. I would like to say thanks to Hans VK6XN for posting an alert on the WWFF Facebook page which alerted me to 4S7RS being on the band.  Nadir was using 200w and a 4 element yogi and was 5/9 +++ into my QTH.

This was my very first World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) activator I had worked from Sri Lanka.

The Hiyare Forest Reserve is located in southern Sri Lanka near the town of Galle.  It is a lowland rain forest, comprising about 600 acres, with a high diversity and an amazing amount of wildlife.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.08.27 PM.pngAbove:- Hiyare Forest Reserve.  Courtesy of Amazing Lanka.

Over 150 species of fresh water fish, reptiles, amphibians, land snails birds, and mammals can be found in the Reserve.  Of those, 60 are endemic to Hiyare.  There are 55 species of dragonflies, of which 12 are found only in the Hiyare area.  A total of 78 butterfly species have been identified with three endemic to this area.  Hiyare is one of the highest concentrations of unique species found in one small rainforest anywhere in the world! And more undiscovered species are being found each year.

hiyare.jpgAbove:- Hiyare Forest Reserve. Courtesy of Amazing Lanka.

More information can be found on the 4S7RS QRZ.com page.

I then lucky enough to work Polish station SP5ZIM/p who were in Witnicko-Dębiańska, SPFF-0551.

The park is 46,993.1 hectares in size and is located in western Poland near the German border. It is part of Natura 2000 network of nature protection areas in the European Union.  Numerous birds call this park home including the White-tailed Eagle, Osprey, Honey buzzard, Spotted Crake.



Amazing Lanka, 2016, <http://amazinglanka.com/wp/hiyare-forest/&gt;, viewed 12th December 2015

Wikipedia, 2016, <http://obszary.natura2000.org.pl/index.php?s=obszar&id=638>, viewed 12th December 2016

5 thoughts on “DX WWFF contacts

      • The whole organisation is really developing. There is even talk of it here (Townsville) on the local repeater.
        I also note Danny ON4VT recently received a PSK award dedicated especially for WWFF. This is an area I’m keen to explore, but for that I have to a: get out activating, and b: spend some time in A park rather than flitting away to another park after I get my 44!!!


      • Thats great news if people are speaking about the program up there. A few years ago if you mentioned WWFF here in Australia, most amateurs would have said ‘what?”

        SSTV from a park would also be an interesting option Chris.


        Paul VK5PAS.

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