Results of the 2017 Oceania DX Contest

The results of the 2017 Oceania DX Contest are out.

I entered into the Single Op Low Power All Band category, and came 2nd in Australia, 3rd in Oceania and 3rd in the world.

Many thanks to the organisers of the Contest.

VK5PAS Oceania DX Contest 2017

6 thoughts on “Results of the 2017 Oceania DX Contest

    • Hi Mike,

      I found conditions really tough compared to previous years. The bands just aren’t in the same shape at the moment as they were when I first got my licence about 7 years ago. Here’s hoping conditions now start to improve.


      Paul VK5PAS.

    • Hi John,

      Yes conditions were pretty average. Unfortunately I don’t have a great DX antenna for 40m, and 100 watts just doesn’t really cut it for DX on that band either. I need to upgrade!


      Paul VK5PAS.

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