Some WWFF stats for August 2020

On the blog page of the global WWFF website, I found an Activity Report for August 2020. I took the top 10 countries and put the data into the graph below.

Australia (VKFF) is doing pretty well considering our population and the number of amateurs. We came in at number four with 84 different VKFF references activated during August 2020. The USA (KFF) was on top with 252, but this was due to the KFF Marathon. Poland (SPFF) was number two with 98, and Sweden (SMFF) was number three with 88.

And this graph shows the number of QSOs made during August 2020. Australia (VKFF) was just outside the Top Ten. We were at number twelve with a total of 3,045 QSOs.

Australia (VKFF) was way down the list with regards to the average number of QSOs during an activation.France (FFF) came in at number one with an average of 247.04 QSOs, followed by Italy (IFF) with 209.61, and in third place was Spain (EAFF) with 194.43. Australia (VKFF) had just 34.21 QSOs per activation on average.

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