KNLS, ALASKA – 9540 kHz

At about 0952 on 21st February 2022, I tuned in to KNLS, ALASKA, broadcasting in the Russian language on 9540 kHz.

The broadcast was coming from the Anchor Point 100kW transmitter.

The overall reception of KNLS was good.


Below is a short video showing my reception of KNLS.


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It is a small world

Today (6th March 2022) I spoke on the phone with John from the little town of Sherlock in South Australia. Sherlock is about 120 km from Adelaide in the Mallee region and has a population of about 75 people.

John telephoned here a few weeks ago and spoke with my wife Marija. I have been wanting to get back to John, but my bronchitis has been terrible. So today, with my illness improving, I phoned John.

Who is John?

John’s sister Janette works at radio station WRNO in the United States of America. Janette is originally from South Australia. I had sent a QSL card request to WRNO for my reception of their station back in November 2021. See the QSL card received below, and the message from Janette.

John advised me that he has tried to tune in to WRNO from his home in Sherlock, but has been unsuccessful. He further advised that I was one of only a few Australians who had been able to tune in to WRNO.

When John is next down this way he is going to pop in so I can show him the radio shack.