DX SOTA and WWFF activators.

I have been chasing/hunting quite a bit of DX SOTA/WWFF of late. Last Sunday (18th September 2022) was another great day. Below are the SOTA/WWFF activators that I logged.

YU1FKJ/p – Deliblatska pescara YUFF-0031

image c/o Wikipedia

EA8BJ/p – EAFF-0740

DL8ECA/p – Gülper See NSG DLFF-0511

EC2AG/p – SOTA EA2/ BI-063

EA8W/p – Parque Natural Los Volcanes EAFF-0069

image c/o Wikipedia

EA8BM/p – Área de Reserva de la Biosfera La Palma EAFF-0079

Image c/o Luc Viatour / https://Lucnix.be


EA8CNR Jose – EAFF-0739

“I inform you that the QSO is spectacular for me, because I was with an MFJ 1620t mobile antenna…….Thanks again for the Fantastic contact on the 14 Mhz band.”

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