Day 2 in Perth

On 20th October 2022, after breakfast, Andrew took Marija and I to a rural location near Perth where he and three other amateurs have set up a remote station. A very interesting visit.

We then headed back to Perth where we visited the Aviation Heritage Museum in Bull Creek. We spent the majority of the afternoon there enjoying the many exhibits including 35 different aircraft. The highlight was the Avro Lancaster. Of the 7,377 Avro Lancasters built, 3,736 were lost during the War. Today 17 remain in complete form. Two can be found in Australia. One in Perth, and the other at the War Memorial in Canberra.

Andrew then took us to Wireless Hill which is a 40 hectare park in the suburb of Ardross. It is the location of the former Applecross Wireless Station. The West Australian VHF Group have a clubrooms at Wireless Hill.

We then headed to the local hotel for some dinner.


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