Summit to summit certificate

After my recent trip to the Mid North of South Australia, I had managed to slide passed the 500 point mark for my Summit to Summit (S2S) contacts for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program. I was fortunate enough to have a number of S2S contacts whilst I was away, including a number of DX S2S QSOs.  So when I returned home, I applied for the 500 point S2S certificate, which arrived via email yesterday.  Thanks to the SOTA organisers, and all of the SOTA activators who allowed me to reach this stage.

Summit to summit068


I recently found a website called Summitsbase.  It can be found at…..

The web site is aimed primarily at Radio Amateurs who participate in programmes such as Summitsbase HuMPs Awards (HEMA) or S2S Awards, Summits on the Air (SOTA), Wainwrights on the Air (WOTA), etc.

The website contains a large amount of information including Summits Spots & Alerts, equipment info & reviews, tips on chasing, etc.

They also offer some awards.  Below is the Summit to Summit Award I recently obtained…..

VK5PAS SS-25-070

Summit to Summit certificate

I received my Summit to Summit certificate (250 points) today.

I notched up a large number of Summit to Summit contacts during my recent week away to SE South Australia & western Victoria.  In fact it was my contact with Glen VK3YY on the 7th September, that pushed me over the 250 point mark.  I was on Mount Rouse, VK3/ VS-048 in south western Victoria, and Glen was on Federation Range, VK3/ VN-003.

I will be sending Glen a certificate & a special QSL card, to thank him for the contact.

I have only been involved in SOTA since March, and have thoroughly enjoyed the last 6 months.  Every S2S contact is always a real pleasure.

Summit to Summit Award