Illawarra Hill summit, VK5/ SE-014

On the 14th April, 2013, I activated Illawarra Hill, VK5/SE-014, with Andy, VK5AKH.

IMG_1746          IMG_1745

Illawarra Hill is 434 metres ASL and is worth 1 point.  It is situated about 156 kms north of Adelaide, and about 11 kms west of Snowtown.

The summit is located on private property and is amongst the Trust Power wind farm.  The owner of the land is Mr. Levi HANSEN, Mobile. 0418 857 021.  Access is via Shadwells Gap Road.

Andy and I were lucky to get access to the hill.  I had tried to contact the land owner for a week or so before the day of activation, but to no avail….the phone always rang out.  So after the first 2 activations I tried the number again and got through to Levi’s wife.  She advised that they did not live on the property, but as luck would have it, Levi was delivering water to the property.  So I phoned Levi and as Andy and I drove up Shadwells Gap Road, there was Levi pulling into the property in his semi.  A case of “being in the right place at the right time !”

This summit was extremely windy (as you would expect) and we received quite a few comments about the wind noise.  There are 2 major towers here as well, but these did not cause us any interference.  There are no trees or shrubs up the top of this hill.  So the wind roars in off the ocean from the west !

There was a convenient old log which we sat on and operated from, dodging the ants and spiders that had made the log their home.  We also used it to support the 7m squid pole.

Andy & I used my Yaesu FT-817nd and his Elecraft KX3, 5 watts, and the 40m/20m linked dipole.

I made a total of 24 QSO’s, including some DX contacts into Europe.

Stations worked were:- Will VK5AHV; Tony VK3CAT; Dale VK5FSCK; Steve VK5ST; Ernie VK3DET; Rick VK3KAN; Kevin VK3KAB; Bernard VK3FABA; John VK5AJQ; Craig VK3CRG; Rhett VK3GHZ; Bill VK5MBD; VK3ANL; Al VK1RX; Shaun VK5FAKV; Wayne VK7NET; Peter VK3PF/m; Allen VK3HRA; Brenton VK2MEV; Glen VK3YY; Marjan S51RU; Michael DJ5AV; Luis EA3JE; & Paul EA5/GM0OPK.


Again, a very enjoyable day spent with Andy climbing hills and playing on the radio.

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