South Hummocks summit, VK5/ SE-017

On Sunday, 14th April, 2013, Andy, VK5AKH and I travelled to the mid north of S.A. and activated 3 summits including South Hummocks, VK5/ SE-017.

South Hummocks summit is 330 metres ASL, and is worth 1 point.


South Hummocks is situated about 127 kms north of Adelaide, and about 30 kms north of Port Wakefield.  It is the big hill visible when travelling north towards Port Wakefield along the Pt wakefield Road.

The summit is located on private property on the eastern side of the South Hummocks Pump Station Road.  The land owner is Mr. Colwyn MILLARD, Mobile 0409 676 605, who kindly left the gate to the paddock open for us.  If travelling south on Sth Hummocks Pump Stn Rd, the gate (double farm gate) is about 1.3 kms south of Millards Road.

We followed the dirt track running through the paddock up the fenceline to a point where there was a sign saying ‘Engaged 4WD only‘.  A new fence was being built at this point which runs north-south.  We parked the car here in the paddock and walked up to the summit.


It is a fairly gentle climb from this point up the dirt track which becomes very rocky after reaching the scrub on the hill.  About 400 m from this point is the trig point.

Keep a good look out for the trig point because it is not easy to spot.  It is located in thick mallee type scrub on your left, over the fence line.

IMG_1710          IMG_1709

This summit is NOT located where the tower is.  The hill which the tower is located on is about 1 km to the south of the actual summit where the trig is located.

Andy & I found that the flies and the ants at the summit were amazing, so definitely bring your Aeroguard !

There is a convenient star dropper in the ground which you can use to strap you squid pole to.  There are also quite a few large rocks which you can use to prop up a squid pole.

The hill is covered in thick mallee type scrub and gums, so there is a bit of shade if you need it.

Andy and I used my Yaesu FT-817nd and his Elecraft KX3, 5 watts, and my BandHopper 40m/20m linked dipole.

I managed 13 QSO’s on 40m & 20m.

Stations I worked were:- Ian VK1DI; Shaun VK5FAKV; Allen VK3HRA; Peter VK5KX; Bernard VK3FABA; Scott VK5FSKS; Ian VK3AXH; Glen VK3YY; Leigh VK5KLT; Tony VK3CAT; Dale VK5FSCK; Ernie VK3DET; & Brenton VK2MEV.

It was a real pleasure to operate with Andy.

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