SE South Australia & Victoria trip

I am home safe after my trip down to the South east of South Australia, and western Victoria.  I had a very enjoyable time activating South Australian and Victorian parks, and activating one South Australian and a dozen or so Victorian summits.  I also thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the gents from the South East Radio Group and delivering a presentation to them on SOTA, the VK5 Parks Award, the KRMNPA, and WWFF.


Here is a quick summary of parks and summit activations…..

Martin Washpool CP – 8 QSO’s.
Messent CP – 13 QSO’s
Reedy Creek CP – 10 QSO’s
Furner CP – 13 QSO’s
Mt Burr summit – 48 QSO’s
Canunda NP – 17 QSO’s.
Carpenter Rocks CP – 14 QSO’s
Mt Napier summit – 36 QSO’s
Mt Rouse summit – 16 QSO’s
One Tree Hill summit – 37 QSO’s
Blue Mountain – 56 QSO’s
Pt 756/Pyrennes summit – 29 QSO’s
Ben Nevis summit – 43 QSO’s
Mt Lonarch summit – 32 QSO’s
Mt Buangor summit -28 QSO’s
One Tree Hill summit (night time activation) – 5 QSO’s
Mt Langi Ghiran summit – 42 QSO’s
Mt Zero summit & Grampians NP – 23 QSO’s.
Mt Arapiles summit – 33 QSO’s
Little Desert NP – 11 QSO’s.
Ngarkat CP – 23 QSO’s

  • Total of 537 QSO’s.
  • 13 x SOTA activations (12 uniques)
  • 21 x Summit to Summit QSO’s.
  • 6 x SA Conservation Parks activated – SA Parks Award.
  • 1 x SA National Park activated – SA Parks Award.
  • 18 x other SA Parks worked – SA Parks Award
  • 10 x Park to Park QSO’s – SA Parks Award
  • 6 x Victorian Parks worked – KRMNPA
  • 2 x Victorian NP activated – KRMNPA

Some of the highlights included…..

  • 2 x contacts into VK9 Lord Howe Island on 40m SSB using QRP 5 watts
  • a dozen or so QSO’s into Europe & the UK using QRP 5 watts on 20m SSB.
  • contact with John VK5BJE/p (park to park) using just .5 watt.


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