Point 756/Pyrenees, VK3/ VS-018

After my activation at Blue Mountain, I drove a few km to my next activation which was Point 756 / Pyrenees, VK3/ VS-018.  This was the second planned summit for Sunday 8th September, 2013.  It is 756 metres above sea level and is worth 4 points.

I exited Blue Mountain Track, and drove a short distance south east on the Glenlofty-Warrenmang Road, and then turned right onto Main Break Track and travelled south until I reached the summit point, which is just on the north eastern side of the track.  There was quite a bit of debris on the road and there was quite a bit of tree felling in progress.

Again I found a nice fallen log and used this as a seat, bench, and securing point for the 7m squid pole.  Because the area is heavily forested, there were plenty of options with regards to securing the legs of the 20m/40m linked dipole.

IMG_3460       IMGA0046_4

The summit is located within the Pyrenees Range.  For more information on the Pyrenees Range, have a look at my previous post for Blue Mountain summit.  This is certainly a very attractive part of Victoria.  All of the native plants were out in flower including the wattle and some of the small native orchids.

IMGA0044_4     IMGA0049_3

IMGA0053_4     IMGA0054_4

My first contact was with Ernie VK3DET who was portable on Stokes Hill VK5/ NE-050 on his Flinders Ranges holiday.  It was great to work Ernie, as we had been corresponding via e-mail before Ernie’s trip, sharing our experiences between Vk3 summits I could activate & VK5 summits that Ernie could activate whilst in the Flinders Ranges.  Ernie was not all that strong (5/5) but he was still very readable, as the noise floor was virtually non existant.

I then moved to 7.095 and called CQ SOTA and was soon swamped by many of the regular SOTA Chasers.  My fifth contact on the summit was with Ian VK1DI who was portable in New South Wales on Mt Lowden, VK2/ ST-002. A few guys called in whilst operating QRp again.  They included Brent VK2MEV, and Andrew VK3ARR.  Another interesting contact was with Freddo VK3FDI who was maritime mobile on Port Phillip Bay.

After an hour of operating it was time to pack up and head off to Ben Nevis.  I had worked 29 stations on 40m SSB.

The following stations were worked:-

Ernie VK3DET/p; Matt Vk1MA; Tim VK5AV; Terry VK5ATN; Brent VK2MEV/qrp; Ian VK1DI/2; Andrew VK3ARR; Dale VK5FSCK; Nick VK3ANL; Glen VK3YY; Tony VK3CAT; Brian VK3MCD/m; Bernard VK3AMB; Terry VK3YX; Mark VK1MDC; Mark VK3DEE; Ron VK3AFW; Grant VK3HP; Paul VK5FUZZ; Rod VK5FTTC; Paul VK3DAI; David VK5KC; John VK2YW; Andy VK5LA; Mark VK3PI; Freddo VK3FDI/mm; Peter VK2XP/p; Peter VK3PF/m; and Andy VK3FCOE.

I have posted a video on You Tube of the activation….

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