Talk at Whyalla ARC

On Wednesday 26th February 2014 I headed up to Whyalla (about 400 km from home) to deliver a presentation on SOTA, the VK5 Parks Award, & WWFF to the gents from the Whyalla Amateur Radio Club and a few members  who had made the journey from Port Augusta.


So after work on Wednesday I headed down to the airport and flew up to Whyalla where I was met by my brother in law, who then dropped me off at my mother in law’s house.  They both live in Whyalla, which is where my wife Marija was born.

After a hearty Crotian meal (I think I put on an extra 5 kg), I headed to the meeting which was attended by a small but very keen group of amateurs.  The talk was split into 2 sections.  The first was on SOTA, and then after some coffee and cake, I spoke about the VK5 Parks Award and the World Wide Flora & Fauna program.

Thanks to Alex, VK5ALX for asking me up.  Alex has told me that the talk has…..

stimulated a lot of interest in both activities.  I have heard a couple of members chatting away on 2 mfrs about setting up suitable portable kits so expect to hear them on air before long“.

That is great to hear.

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