WWFF certificate

A couple of months ago I received the certificate below for making contact with 88 different World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) references.  I thought I would post a little bit on my WordPress site about the WWFF program, which is slowly picking up some momentum in Australia.  It is extremely popular in Europe and North America, and other parts of the world.

The WorldWide Flora and Fauna program encourages portable operation from various nature parks and protected nature areas around the world.  In Australia, the qualifying parks are NATIONAL PARKS.  I am the Australian co-ordinator for WWFF.



There is a global WWFF Award system, and various National WWFF Award programs.  This includes an AUSTRALIAN (VKFF) National Award program.  Each National program has their our award system, and offers their own unique award certificates.  This is the case, with the AUstralian program….a number of certificates are offered.

For the global WWFF certificates, activators require 44 contacts, for an activation to be deemed as valid.

However, for the Australian VKFF program, only 10 contacts are required for a valid activation.

For more information, have a look at the global WWFF website at…..


You can also find all the relevant information re the Australian (VKFF) program on the Australian website, which I put together, at…..


You are assured a lot of fun, if you can run a bit of extra power and get onto one of the DX bands such as 20m.  Not only will you be sought after as a VK, but being in a National Park that qualifies for WWFF, will make you a very good catch.  Just ask Tony VK3VTH and Peter VK3ZPF, who in recent times have been working huge European pile ups as part of WWFF.

Have FUN.

H 88 VK5PAS 2014 038