New VKFF DX Hunter certificate

I have started initiating some more certificates for the VKFF program of the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  One of those is the VKFF DX Hunter certificate.

The VKFF DX Hunter certificates will soon be available on-line via the WWFF LogSearch.  As such it will be available for free via a PDF, or I can print it out for you for $5.00 and mail it.  The certificate will be printed on high quality gloss photo paper.

It is issued to Australian amateurs only, for making contact with amateurs operating in various WWFF areas located in different DXCC entities.  The certificates will be issued in increments of 5 DXCC entities.

It is hoped that this award will encourage more Australian operators to make contact with overseas WWFF activators.

VK5PAS VKFF DX Hunter 20