SOTA and balloons

Yesterday, I had a listen for Larry VK5LY and Ian VK5CZ who activated Mount Cone, VK5/ SE-002, in the mid north of South Australia.  They were up there to track the progress of the Wilkins1 balloon and act as a VHF relay station.

Larry and Ian had hoped to activate the summit a lot earlier than they did, but they were held at bay by ‘Hughey’ and had to wait for a break in the weather.  Larry had given me a call and Ian had sent me a few e-mails to advise that the rain was quite heavy and it was blowing a gale.  Not much different to when I activated Mount Cone with Ian last year.  It is a very windy exposed summit, overlooking Burra.

Larry is big into his APRS and he helped me also set up APRS on my tablet.  It was interesting to track Larry’s progress on his way to the summit.  Below is a screen shot of Larry’s progress, parked just down below the summit.  I am going to get my head around APRS, and start using this a lot more often.

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.12.37

It was also very interesting to track the progress of the Wilkins 1 high altitude balloon which was launched from the Burra Community School as part of the UniSA Connect program.  The ballon was fitted with a high definition camera and tracking system.   The balloon weighs 500 grams.

I tracked the progress of the balloon on…..


Below is a screen shot showing the flight path of the Horus test balloon which was released first, and then Wilkins 1.

Screenshot 2014-06-16 15.05.11

Click on the link below to view some pictures of this balloon launch…..

For information on Project Horus, which is a high altitude balloon project based in Adelaide, have a look at…..