Latest WWFF certificate

Here is my latest certificate for the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  And no that’s not me on the certificate!

This certificate comes from The Romanian Amateur Radio Society and is DXFF.  It is issued for making contact with amateur radio stations from various nature reserves located in 20 different DXCC entities World Wide.

It is an excellent example of how the WWFF system works.  WWFF offers global awards, and then on top of that, many of the National representative countries offer their own awards.  The Romanian Amateur Radio Society being one.

More information on WWFF can be found on the global website at…..

Or on the Australian (VKFF) website at…..

Should you more information on the Romanian DXFF award certificates, here is the link…..

DXFF 20 VK5PAS 2014 N006 M