Logging pedestrian and bicycle mobile stations

I know that there has been previous discussion on the SOTA Australia Yahoo group as to what to sign when out portable, e.g. VK5PAS/p, or VK5PAS/3.  However, I thought I would share a small problem I’ve been experiencing with my electronic log and Clublog.


I run the logging program MacLogger DX and upload my log automatically to Clublog.  I have been getting error messages back from Clublog regarding the pedestrian mobile and bicycle mobile stations that I have worked.  Some have been signing as /pm or /bm.  I have been recording them as /pm and /bm in my electronic log.   However, Clublog deciphers /pm as Indonesia, and deciphers /bm as China.

As a result of a post on the MacLogger DX Yahoo group, I received some very helpful responses.  The upshot is that I need to record pedestrian or bicycle mobile stations as /p and not /pm or /bm.  And simply place ‘pedestrian mobile’ or ‘bicycle mobile’ in the notes field of MacLogger DX.

Clublog accepts /m for mobile, /mm for maritime mobile, and /am for aircraft mobile.

Just for the information of anyone who uses MacLogger DX and Clublog.