Mount Rouse, VK3/ VS-048

My first activation for Monday 17th November, 2014, was Mount Rouse, VK3/ VS-048, which is located near the town of Penshurst, about 275 km west of Melbourne, and about 30 km south east of Hamilton, in western Victoria.

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There are some activations, when you just wished that you had stayed in bed.  This was one of those activations!  Other than the weather being less than ideal (it was wet and windy), the 40m band was in very poor condition.  I managed just 7 contacts from this summit.  But out of everything bad, comes something good.  To my surprise, I was called by a station in the Azores on 20m, who was 5/9 and gave me a 5/7 signal report.  And yet I wasn’t even able to make contact with a single VK3 on 40 metres.  I guess that is one of those interested aspects of this great hobby of amateur radio.

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I had activated Mount Rouse once before.  That was back in September, 2013.  For more information on that activation and information on the summit, including its history, please have a look at my previous post……

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This is a very easy summit to access, with a road leading all the way to the top of the summit through the Mount Rouse Reserve.  A set of steps takes you up to the trig point.  Although only a little one pointer, this is a great little summit, with a bench awaiting you once you reach the trig point, and fantastic views of the surrounding countryside, and the little town of Penshurst below the summit.

On the subject of Penshurst, please take the time to have a look around this little town.  It is full of history and as some very historic buildings.  There is also the Volcano Visitor Centre which is well worth a visit.,_Victoria

As mentioned, the 40m band was in very poor shape.  There was absolutely no propagation locally around VK3.  I managed to squeeze 5 contacts into the log on 40m with Nev VK5WG who was my first taker, Larry VK5LY, Mark VK7MK, John VK5FMJC, and finally Allen VK5FD portable at Port Victoria.  I did hear Peter VK3FPSR trying to call, but Peter was so weak, that it was impossible to make the contact.

So after 10 very frustrating minutes on 40m, I lowered the squid pole and removed the links in the linked dipole, for operation on the 20m band.  My first contact there was with Mike VK6MB who was a good 5/7 (5/7 signal report received in exchange).  And I then received a call from Joan, CU3AA, in the Azores Islands, in the North Atlantic Ocean, to the west of Portugal and the west African coast.  Joan was an excellent 5/9 signal and he gave me a 5/7.  But that was the end of that.  I had no more callers on 20m.

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As the weather was lousy, and the band was lousy, I decided to head down and head off to my next summit, Mount Dundas near Cavendish.  I had the very low number of 7 contacts in the log.  One of my worst SOTA activations as far as callers is concerned.

The following stations were worked:-

Screenshot 2014-11-27 20.15.22

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