I love getting out to the parks as most know.  I enjoy the fresh air, and the bushwalking aspect, as well as the radio.  One of my other interests whilst in the parks is birdwatching.  Of the feathered kind!  In any event, most of the parks I visit, aren’t frequented by the other type of ‘bird’.  Other than my wife occasionally.

When I was a little fella, my father bred finches and parrots, and that is where my interest started.  My first ever bird book was called Australian Birds, written by Robin Hill, that was released in 1967.  Mum and Dad bought me this book when I was about 5 years old, and I still have it to this day.


Anyway, back on track.  I joined the birdlife AUSTRALIA supporter network, and I now receive an electronic newsletter from birdlife AUSTRALIA.  It is well worth subscribing to.


The birdlife AUSTRALIA wesbite can be found at…..

There is some fantastic information there and it is well worth a look.

I also registered at BIRDS in BACKYARDS, and I receive an electronic newsletter from them also.  Their website can be found at…..

Screenshot 2014-12-07 22.47.04

There is some terrific information on their website also.

So there you go.  If you are interested in bird watching like me, you may want to have a look at birdlife AUSTRALIA and BIRDS in BACKYARDS.




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