Keith Roget Merit Award

This afternoon after work, I went to the Post Office and was pleasantly surprised to find a parcel waiting there for me to collect.  It was my Merit certificate and Merit plaque for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA).


The Merit Award is issued for either Activating all 45 Victorian National Parks, or Working all 45 Victorian National Parks.  My awards were for Working all 45 parks, which sounds easy, but is a real challenge.

Many thanks to Tony VK3VTH, who is the KRMNPA Awards Manager.




2 thoughts on “Keith Roget Merit Award

  1. Congratulations Paul on the KRMNPA worked all Parks award and Merit Plaque. I agree with you it is not easy, especially with QRP stations, declining band conditions and just being there at the right time. A great addition to the shack furniture!

    John D

  2. Hi John,

    The KRMNPA is certainly a great program and a lot of fun. Those parks I activated recently in the SW of Victoria are very picturesque. Getting to 45 Victorian National Parks wasn’t easy. I had worked many of the parks multiple times, but was chasing a very rare remaining 3. Thanks to Peter on the KRMNPA Activation weekend, I got them.
    Now I’m going to try to start activating more Victorian parks. I have a way to catch up to you yet mate.
    You & Jenny, enjoy your trip and the Christmas holidays. Stay safe.


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