Black Bullock Hill, VK5/ SE-016

Recently Larry VK5LY did some research on his mapping system re VK5/ SE-016, the summit down on the Fleurieu Peninsula, near Delaware.  The summit is un-named on the Summits on the Air (SOTA) database.  However, the actual name of the summit is Black Bullock Hill.

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This morning I contacted the Delamere General Store who put me in contact with the land owner that the summit is located on.  In turn I contacted Mr. Peter Filsell.  He confirmed that the summit was called Black Bullock Hill, but he was not aware as to why it was called this.  Peter stated that his family had owned the land for about 60-70 years, but he had never been told the origins of the name.  There is a road just to the south of the summit called Black Bullock Road and there is also Black Bullock Creek.

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Peter was very friendly.  Next time I am down that way I am going to call in to say g’day to Peter.  There is no need to access Peter’s property, as the trig point is just a short distance from the road, and the roadway is well and truly within the activation zone.  However, should you wish to operate from the trig point, you can contact Peter.  Please do not enter the land unless you have Peter’s permission.  I have placed Peter’s contact details on the SOTA page for this summit.

I have also advised Ian VK5CZ, the VK5 SOTA Association Manager, with a view to advising the SOTA moderators of the name of this summit, so that the records can be ammended.

There is also a Geocache at this site.  Peter was unaware of this.