Logging contacts in the field

I have received a few queries as to how I log contacts in the field.

I use a handwritten log when I am out portable in a park or on a summit.  It is A4 in size and fits onto a plastic clip board folder.  I use a bulldog clip down the bottom to stop the paper from flapping around in the breeze.


I have tried electronic logging with my laptop and my tablet.  However I find the handwritten way the easiest as I can also quickly scribble down call signs, names, and notes, etc.

I also started off using small notebooks but I soon found that these were too small in size.

When I return home I use Fast Log Entry (FLE) to enter those contacts and create an ADIF file.  I have mentioned FLE many times before, and I highly recommend it.  You can find FLE at…..


I then upload that ADIF file to my electronic log which is MacLogger DX.

John M0UKD has a page on his website dedicated to printable amateur radio logbooks.  A selection of these can be found on M0UKD’s website can be found at…..  



I have placed a copy of the sheet that I use in the Files section of the VK5 Parks Yahoo group.

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