WWFF certificate

Last Thursday evening (21st May 2015) I attended the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society (AHARS) general meeting.  I was to deliver a presentation that night on the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program, and the VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award.

But prior to my presentation I was called up by Barry VK5BW, the AHARS President, who gave me a very nice surprise.  It was a  ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from the WWFF Council.


Photo courtesy of John VK5EMI.

I learnt that the certificate had been sent all the way from Pit YO3JW in Romania, to Nick VK3ANL in Victoria and in turn it had been forwarded on to AHARS here in South Australia.  It came as a great surprise.

I would like to thank Pit and the rest of the WWFF Committee.  It was take great pride in my shack, along with my recent WIA Presidents certificate for my involvement in the WWFF program.


Here’s what appeared on the WWFF ‘global’ website……

Screenshot 2015-05-29 20.04.15

And the WWFF Facebook site…..

Screenshot 2015-05-29 20.06.26

6 thoughts on “WWFF certificate

  1. Well done Paul. Congratulations on your well earned recognitions. Those of us who are already involved in the various programs and those who are about to be involved are very appreciative of your selfless efforts in promoting and active involvement iin thte programs.

    • Thanks Larry,

      The programs are a success due to the efforts of Activators & Hunters such as yourself. It was great to hear you out in a park on the weekend by the way mate.

      Hope all is well. You certainly sounded good.



  2. Congratulations Paul you definitely deserve all the accolades, as my renewed interest in HF and Flora Fauna and parks programmes is a result of your selfless commitment to those programmes and the many hours you spend promoting them thankyou for all you do and especially all the help and advice you have given me without it I would not have reached the levels I am currently at.
    Many Thanks Again Well done
    Adrian VK5FANA

    • Hi Adrian,

      It is all down to the very keen Activators and Hunters like you mate. Thanks for participating.

      It really pleases me to hear that a lot of amateurs are having fun….that’s what it is all about.

      And your story about a renewed interest in the hobby as a result of the portable programs, is not on its own. I’ve received quite a bit of feedback, that the fire has been re ignited with a number of hams, and that is great to hear.

      The participation rate by Foundation operators is also extremely pleasing to see.



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