Results from our travels to the north of SA

Arrived back home last night from my trip away with Marija, John VK5BJE & Jenny, and David VK5KC & Joy.

Marija and I travelled nearly 2,500 km in 11 days.  We activated 4 Conservation Parks, 3 SOTA summits, and 3 National Parks.  And we also operated as VK100ANZAC at Farina in the Far North on Wednesday & Thursday.  Total of 666 QSO’s (scary hey, the devil’s number).

I also squeezed in a bit of operating from the Argadells property near Quorn, and in the mobile as well.

John and David are still currently away, and I am sure that John will post his results & info on his WordPress site when he returns.

Thanks to everyone that called, and thanks to those who took the time to spot us on parksnpeaks, the DX cluster, here on the group, etc.  For most of the time away we had no phone coverage.

Here are the parks and summits I activated and the total number of QSO’s from each.

Saturday 13th June

Clinton Conservation Park VKFF-813

67 contacts

Winninowie Conservation Park VKFF-820

128 contacts

Monday 15th June

The Devils Peak VK5/ NE-080

18 contacts

Mount Brown Conservation Park

31 contacts

The Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park VKFF-817

47 contacts

Wednesday 17th June

VK100ANZAC at Farina

108 contacts

Thursday 18th June

VK100ANZAC at Farina

57 contacts

Friday 19th June

Gammon Ranges National Park VKFF-189

52 contacts

Mount Scott VK5/ NE-111

28 contacts

Saturday 20th June

Flinders Ranges National Park VKFF-176 (at Aroona Ruins)

43 contacts

Flinders Ranges National Park VKFF-176 (at Wilpena Pound)

29 contacts

Sunday 21st June

Lake Torrens National Park VKFF-278

47 contacts

Monday 22nd June

Mount Arden VK5/ NE-034

11 contacts

He is some quick audio from the WIA Broadcast re our trip…..

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