SOTA Activator certificate

My latest certificate for the Summits on the AIr (SOTA) program is the 250 points Activator certificate.

It has been hard going.  Lots of activity in 2013 when I first kicked off in March of that year as an activator, with activations in South Australia (VK5) and Victoria (VK3).  And then tapering off in 2014 with activations in VK5, VK3, Germany and Belgium (during my Europe trip).  And 18 activations so far this year in VK5, and VK1 (during my visit to Canberra for the WIA AGM).

Screenshot 2015-08-27 10.48.03

There are a total of 346 qualifying SOTA peaks in South Australia.  And although I live in the Mount Lofty Ranges, there is only one that is close by to me…that being Mount Lofty, VK5/ SE-005, about 15 km west of my home QTH.  The next closest is Mount Gawler, VK5/ SE-013, a very popular summit, about 40 km from home.  The next closest summits are a minimum of 100 km away.

So if there were a few summits a bit closer, I would be participating a lot more often in this very enjoyable activity of SOTA.

Screenshot 2015-08-27 11.07.15

4 thoughts on “SOTA Activator certificate

  1. Congratulations Paul, I note you have traveled hundreds if not thousands of km to activate so many distant VK5 summits. Well done and thanks for the opportunity to chase and work VK5 peaks S2S. 😉

  2. G’day Andrew,

    It would be in the thousands for sure. On our recent trip to the far north of South Australia, I did about 2,500 km in 11 days.

    SOTA is a lot of fun. Just wish there were more summits close to home.



  3. Congratulations Mate!
    Very motivating!
    Internet permitting I will look for a summit Woomera way.
    I’d be interested in an article from a SOTA activator on the process of gaining access to sites. Whether it is a drive by and door knock or a internet search.
    I’d be happy to start an excel spreadsheet detailing summits on public land.


  4. Howdy Chris,

    When I first got into SOTA back in 2013, I activated many summits that had not been activated before. Those summits were located on private property. I got on the internet and did my research that way, finding out the details of land owners and then telephoning them and asking permission to access their land, and explaining all about the hobby of amateur radio and the SOTA program.

    There is provision to add notes (add new article) and/or add a link to a website (add new external link) for a summit on SOTAWatch. Unfortunately a lot of activators do not do this.

    Ian VK5CZ and Hugh VK5NHG have been very active of late in the Yunta area activating summits but I haven’t seen any notes on SOTAWatch. Perhaps drop them an email and I’m sure they will be able to help you out with details of land owners.



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