WWFF Park to Park 132 certificate

Here’s my latest Park to Park certificate for the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  Issued for making 132 Park to Park (P2P) contacts since the inception of the P2P Award earlier this year.
WWFF Logsearch is showing that I have had 227 P2P contacts, but unfortunately only 155 of those count, as the remainder have not been accurately reflected in the other activator’s log. Please ensure that you include your P2P contacts in your logs.

9 thoughts on “WWFF Park to Park 132 certificate

    • Hi Andrew,

      Hopefully we will soon to be able to implement a ‘retrospective’ system to back capture all the P2P contacts prior to the commencement of the award.



  1. Hi Paul
    Congratulations on the certificate. A great effort and it represents a lot of travel and time on the radio and many, many contacts! Well done.
    John D

    • Thanks Neil.

      Its a shame that all P2P contacts aren’t recorded correctly in logs, as I’m actually sitting on 227 P2P contacts but only 155 of those count.



  2. Well done Paul and yes it is a shame when the numbers don’t match I have a similar problem, keep up the good work and catch you from a park soon.
    Cheers Adrian
    (or when it gets a little warmer )

    • Hi Adrian,

      Yep its a shame that more P2P contacts are not accurately recorded in logs. Have had a few family challenges here in the past week, so I hope to get out and about again in the next few weeks.



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