I have spoken about the Peakery website previously, but thought it was worth mentioning once again.  Peakery is a great site where you can ‘explore and share your mountain experiences.


The site features over 330,000 peaks from all around the globe.  In Australia, a total of 4,028 peaks are listed.

  • ACT – 87 peaks
  • NSW – 701 peaks
  • NT – 213 peaks
  • QLD – 1566 peaks
  • SA – 344 peaks
  • TAS – 382 peaks
  • VIC – 183 peaks
  • WA – 543 peaks


You can view the world’s mountains in 3 different views: List View, Map View, and Photo View.  Or you can browse mountains by location on the Regions page.  The regions are broken into: North America, Europe, Asia, South America Africa, Oceania (including Australia), and Antarctica.


Above:- a Map View of part of South Australia.

Peakery offers photographs, 3D fly-around views, trip reports, peak statistics, route info, and maps.  You can read the Summit Log to get a feel on the experience of other peakery users that have climbed the summit.  Peakery also gives you a sense of the surrounding area by browsing the nearest and highest peaks.

If you happen to find a peak that is not located on Peakery, you simply notify Peakery by clicking on ‘Can’t find a peak? Add it”.  I have found that the peaks are added very quickly.  When adding a peak, you need to specify the name of the peak, its elevation in either feet or metres, its prominence (if known), and its latitude or longitude.

On Peakery you can log all of your summit conquests, adding trip details, route info and photos, and obtain summit badges.


On your very own Peak page you can view a variety of information including the number of peaks that you have climbed, details and photos on those peaks, your summit badges, and a map showing your summitted peaks.


Other stats that are shown are your ranking, the highest peak you have summitted,  the summit you have climbed the most, and a breakdown on summits in Regions that you have climbed.


You can ‘follow’ other people registered with Peakery.


A number of Peakery Challenges are on offer.  They include the Australia 2000m Peaks Challenge, where you need to visit all Australian peaks at least 200m high with a minimum of 60m prominence, and the Australia State 8 Peak Challenge, where you need to climb the highest peaks in each of Australia’s 8 States/Territories.

Peakery can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Peakery is well worth a look.  You may find it of help during your next Summits on the Air (SOTA) adventure.

7 thoughts on “Peakery

    • Hi Chris, the South Australian peaks need a bit of a tidy up, but this could prove to be a very handy site for SOTA activators. If you see any corrections that need to be made on peakery, you can send off a message to the moderators.


      Paul VK5PAS.

  1. Thanks for the info on this site Paul. I’ve registered here as my call VK1DI. The ACT peaks are a bit of a mess, I’m getting these cleaned up and updated. Could be a good source of information for potential SOTA activators.

    Ian VK1DI

    • Hi Ian,

      Yes I think this could be a very useful site for SOTA activators. I am going to try to have a look at all the VK5 listed summits when I get a bit of spare time.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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