Top 44 Activator (QSOs) certificate

Each year the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program issues certificates to activators who have made it into the Top 44, with respect to the number of QSOs made during activations.

In 2017 I came in at position number 27 with a total of 7,037 QSOs from 102 different references.  That works out to around 69 contacts per activation.

I am a long long way from the top.  The Top Activator (QSOs) was SP5UUD in Poland with an amazing 61,105 QSOs from 505 activations.  That equates to around 121 QSOs per activation.

Other VK’s to get into the Top 100 were Bill VK4FW with 3,387 QSOs during 15 activations.  That equates to a very impressive 226 QSOs per activation.  Gerard VK2JNG made 3,127 QSOs from 99 activations (about 31 QSOs per activation).  Gerard VK2IO made 3,002 QSOs during 57 activations (about 53 QSOs per activation).

Thankyou to everyone who called me during my 2017 activations and thankyou to the Awards Manager, YO3JW for the certificate.

VK5PAS TOP 44 2017 QSO.jpg