Top 44 WWFF Activator certificate

This morning I received via email the Top 44 Activator certificate below.


The Top 44 certificate is issued each year for the Top 44 activators in the world, and is based on activations where 44 QSOs are achieved.

I came 13th in the world with 90 activations.

The top activator in the world was SP5UUD with 505 activations. Now that is an achievement.

Congratulations also to Gerard VK2IO who came 32nd (with 49 activations), Rob VK4AAC who came 37th (with 43 activations), and Gerard VK2JNG (with 42 activations).

Not bad getting 4 x VK’s in the Top 44.

Thanks to YO3JW, the award Manager.

SPFF Hunter 40

Today I received my latest award in the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  It is a National Award, issued by the Poland Flora & Fauna program (SPFF).  It is issued for having worked 40 different Polish (SPFF) references.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 11.11.51 am.png

The SPFF award certificates are obtained through WWFF Logsearch and by clicking on ‘National Awards’ on your Summary Statistics page.  The scroll down to SPFF.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.53.40 pm.png

They are issued for having worked levels of 20 different SPFF reference areas.  The basic diploma is issued for ‘communication with 20 different SPFF areas‘.  The next level is SPFF-H-40, then SPFF-H-60, SPFF-H-80, etc.

The threshold was previously much lower with the SPFF awards, but at some stage (I believe around April 2016), the theshold was lifted.

Many thanks to the SPFF team for the award certificate.

More information on the SPFF certificates (diplomas) can be found on the SPFF website at…..