Promotional postcard

Inspired by something that WG0AT had put together, I have just placed an order through Vistaprint of some A6 postcard sized promotional cards.

The cards explain exactly what I am up to when I am operating from a park and or a summit. I intend to hand these out, along with the promotional brochures I carry for the WWFF program and SOTA.

This is the front…..

And this is the rear…..

Hopefully along with an explanation, these might provide some insight into portable amateur radio activity, to those who often ask me ‘What are you doing?’

4 thoughts on “Promotional postcard

    • Hi Peter,

      I carry promotional brochures with me as well, for WWFF and the VK5 Parks Award, and also the Calling CQ WIA brochure. I often get approached by people in the park asking ‘what are you doing?’ and it is always good to get the word out about the hobby.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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