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I have spoken about Peakery a few times previously here on my site, but thought the Peakery website was well worth another post.  It may come in very handy for those amateurs taking part in the Summits On The Air (SOTA) program.

The Peakery website states:

peakery is your basecamp for the world’s mountains’. 

You can explore over 600,000 mountains from around the world.  You can log your climb on peakery with your photos and GPS track.  You can collect badges, view a map of your climbs, and track your progress on Peak Challenges.  Peakery has around 10,000 members around the world.

The Peakery website can be found at…….

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There are 14,548 peaks in Australia listed on the Peakery website.

  • Australian Capital Territory – 113 peaks
  • New South Wales – 3,454 peaks
  • Northern Territory – 977 peaks
  • Queensland – 3,164 peaks
  • South Australia – 1,481 peaks 
  • Tasmania – 1,512 peaks
  • Victoria – 1,197 peaks
  • Western Australia – 2,675 peaks

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You can narrow your search down to a State/Territory search.  That page will show you the total number of peaks for that State/Territory, the highest peak, the most summited peak, the most prominent peak, and Popular Mountains in that particular State/Territory.

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You can then narrow down your search to a particular summit.  That will show you the elevation (with a ranking in that State/Territory and a ranking in Australia), prominence (with a a ranking in that State/Territory and a ranking in Australia), the Range it is located in, and the Region of that particular summit.  Also on this page you can find various other features including photos of the summit, Awards re the summit, and a list of the nearest peaks. 

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Once you have registered with Peakery, you can log your climbs of a summit, add photos, and even a GPS track.  You can collect Peak badges and see a map of your climbs.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 6.43.44 pm

There are various awards on offer:-

  • Peak badges
    • Earn a special badge for each unique peak you summit. See all of your badges on your Badges page.
  • First Ascent Award
    • Only 1 available per peak. Goes to the first peakery member to log a successful summit of a peak. Snag this award and the peak will forever bear your name.
  • King of the Mountain Award
    • Only 1 available per peak. Summit a peak more times than any other member. Beware: this award can be lost!
  • Summit Steward
    • Summit a peak at least 5 times to become one of its Summit Stewards. As Steward of a peak, you’re encouraged to keep that peak’s info up-to-date on peakery and spread goodwill on your future climbs up the peak.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 6.44.05 pm

You can view a map of summits you have climbed.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 6.45.27 pm

There are numerous features on the Peakery website and I would encourage you to visit the page and explore everything that Peakery has to offer.

Peakery also has a Facebook page which can be located at…….

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