VK5SFA presentation – Transmitting Magnetic Loop Antennas (TMLA).

Tonight (Friday 13th November 2020) I attended a virtual presentation via Zoom, which was conducted by Steve VK5SFA on Transmitting Magnetic Loop Antennas. The presentation was courtesy of the Melbourne Electronics and Radio Club (MERC).

Steve is well known for his work with Magnetic Loop Antennas and is the winner of the 2018 QST Antenna Design Competition.

Steve spoke about various aspects including design criteria, the design and construction phase, and the testing phase.

He then showed a number of slides showing the proof in the pudding, with numerous DXCC entities worked on 80m and 160m using the TMLA.

Thanks Steve for a very interesting presentation, and thanks to MERC for the invitation.

More information can be found at……..


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