Donations to the VKFF program

I would like to publicly THANK the following people for their kind generosity in recently donating money to the VKFF program

  • Liz VK2XSE
  • Lee VK3FLCS
  • John VK3CU
  • Tony VK3YV
  • Scott VK4CZ
  • Marty VK4KC
  • Neil VK4HNS
  • Mark VK4SMA
  • Marija VK5FMAZ
  • Paul VK5PAS
  • Hans VK6XN
  • Tony VK7LTD
  • Linda VK7QP

It is without people like you that the trophies offered in the VKFF Team Championship would not be possible.

Everyone who donates to the VKFF program receives a Certificate of Appreciation.

So again, on behalf of the VKFF Team (myself, Ian VK1DI, Gerard VK2IO, Peter VK3ZPF, Mark VK4SMA, Hans VK6XN, & Jonathan VK7JON), we say MANY THANKS.

If you feel inclined to make a donation to the VKFF program, all details can be found on the WWFF Australia website at……

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