AM broadcast stations

Tonight (16th February 2022) I decided to see if I could log some DX on the Medium Frequency (MF) band. I managed to log a total of thirty-nine (39) Australian stations and one (1) station in China.

I was a little disappointed that only one overseas station made it into my log. But I then thought about how we here in Australia really do take ‘size’ for granted. A few of the Australian stations I logged were about 1,500 – 2,100 km away. In some parts of the world that would definitely be called DX, across multiple countries.

Australia is a big country. It is about 4,000 km east to west and about 3,200 km south to north. The whole of Europe and the United Kingdom easily fits inside Australia, as the map below shows.

Below is a list of the stations I heard. I have highlighted in red, the distance of some of those stations (roughly as the crow files).


  • 747 kHz – 6SE Esperance, WESTERN AUSTRALIA 1,500 km
  • 765 kHz – 5CC Port Lincoln, SOUTH AUSTRALIA (music)
  • 783 kHz – 6VA Albany, WESTERN AUSTRALIA (music) 1,800 km
  • 801 kHz – 5RM Renmark, SOUTH AUSTRALIA (music)
  • 864 kHz – 4GR Toowoomba, QUEENSLAND 1,500 km
  • 918 kHz – 4VL Charleville, QUEENSLAND (music)
  • 918 kHz – 6NA Narrogin, WESTERN AUSTRALIA 2,100 km
  • 927 kHz – 4CC Gladstone, QUEENSLAND. 1,700 km
  • 936 kHz – 7ZR Hobart, TASMANIA (talkback)
  • 954 kHz – 2UE Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES (music)
  • 963 kHz – 5SE Mount Gambier, SOUTH AUSTRALIA (music)
  • 981 kHz – 3HA Hamilton, VICTORIA (Australia Overnight program)
  • 990 kHz – 4RO Rockhampton, QUEENSLAND 1,700 km
  • 999 kHz – 2NB Broken Hill, NEW SOUTH WALES (Nightlife program)
  • 1044 kHz – 5CS Port Pirie (music)
  • 1053 kHz – 2CA Canberra, ACT (music)
  • 1071 kHz – 3EL Maryborough, VICTORIA (music)
  • 1089 kHz – 3WM Horsham, VICTORIA (music)
  • 1098 kHz – 4LG Longreach, QUEENSLAND 1,700 km
  • 1134 kHz – 3CS Colac, VICTORIA (talkback)
  • 1152 kHz – 2WG Wagga, NEW SOUTH WALES (music)
  • 1206 kHz – 2CC Canberra, ACT
  • 1233 kHz – 2NA Newcastle, NEW SOUTH WALES
  • 1242 kHz – 4AK Oakey, QUEENSLAND (heard below 3GV)
  • 1242 kHz – 3GV Sale, VICTORIA (music)
  • 1251 kHz – 2DU Dubbo, NEW SOUTH WALES
  • 1269 kHz – 2SM Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES (talkback)
  • 1278 kHz – 3EE Magic, Melbourne, VICTORIA (music)
  • 1314 kHz – 3BT Ballarat, VICTORIA (greyhound racing).
  • 1323 kHz – 5DN Adelaide (music)
  • 1332 kHz – 3SH Ballarat, VICTORIA (talkback)
  • 1350 kHz – 2LF Young, NEW SOUTH WALES
  • 1368 kHz – 2GN Goulburn, NEW SOUTH WALES (music)
  • 1377 kHz – 3MP Rowville, VICTORIA (music)
  • 1449 kHz – 2MG Mudgee, NEW SOUTH WALES
  • 1467 kHz – 3ML Mildura, VICTORIA
  • 1494 kHz – 2AY Albury, NEW SOUTH WALES
  • 1566 kHz – 3NE Wangaratta, VICTORIA (talkback)
  • 1584 kHz – 4CC Rockhampton, QUEENSLAND (music) 1,700 km


  • 909 kHz – China National Radio CNR6. 6,980 km

CNR6 is located in Quanzhou, Fujian, CHINA and is a 300kW station.

Above:- Map showing the location of Quanzhou, China. Map c/o Google maps

Here is a video of some of the Australian stations I logged.

And here is a video of CNR6. I was pretty excited about hearing this station.

So although not overly successful in logging a bagful of overseas stations, I did have a lot of fun. After hearing China, I am now hooked by the AM DX bug.

2 thoughts on “AM broadcast stations

  1. Great catch Paul, I didn’t realized how big Australia is until you fit the whole Europe in, wow. I tried from Sydney last night 🌃, I received CRC on 909khz but not as clear as yours.

    • Hi Sunny,

      I have heard CNR6 coming in well on a number of occasions since then. I am about to put up a dedicated SWL antenna. I have just been using my 80m amateur radio dipole.



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