Nippon No Kaze – 7290 kHz

At about 1509 UTC on 17th February 2022, I tuned in to Nippon No Kaze, broadcasting in the Japanese language on 7290 kHz.

This station is run by the Japanese government and targets any Japanese citizens that were abducted by North Korea and remain alive in the country. 

Abductions of Japanese citizens from Japan by agents of the North Korean government took place during a period of six years from 1977 to 1983.

The station has been on air since 9th July 2007 and is produced by the Japanese government agency “Headquarters for the Abduction Issue”.

Nippon no Kaze means Wind from Japan in English.

The overall reception of Nippon No Kaze was very very poor. There was severe interference from China National Radio CNR1 China broadcasting on the same frequency. There was also an obvious jamming signal on the frequency.


Below is a video showing my reception of Nippon No Kaze.


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