2022 ILLW weekend

The 2022 International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW) was held over the weekend of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August 2022.

I was unable to get out to activate a lighthouse this year, so whenever possible I snuck out to the shack to work some of the lighthouses.

I worked a total of 22 Australian lighthouse activators.

  1. Steve VK2NCS/p – Sugarloaf Point AU0033
  2. Ross VK7LH – Low Head Lighthouse AU0048
  3. Andrew VK5WT – Port Adelaide lighthouse AU0107
  4. Joe VK3SRC – Queenscliff lighthouse AU-0051
  5. Phil VK6ADF – Cape Leeuwin lighthouse AU0008 & VKFF-0283
  6. VK6CNL – Cape Naturaliste lighthouse AU0010
  7. Graham VK2UGB – Sugarloaf Point AU0033
  8. VK4BAR – Cleveland Point lighthouse AU0014. Op – Russ
  9. Paul VK3IH – Cape Liptrap AU0037 & VKFF-0745
  10. VK2HQ – Cape St George lighthouse AU0132 & Booderee National Park VKFF-0043
  11. Barry VK5ARC – Point Malcolm lighthouse.
  12. VK3ILH – Cape Nelson AU0055. Op – Darren
  13. VK6CLL – Cape Leeuwin lighthouse AU0008 & VKFF-0283. Op – Shaun
  14. VK2FM – South Solitary Island AU0054 & OC-194
  15. VK2FRE – Crowdy Head AU-0044. Op – Wade
  16. VK3SPL – Split Point AU0032. Op Stuart
  17. VK3BJA – Cape Schanck AU-0012. Op – Tom
  18. Gerald VK2HBG – Warden Head AU-0035
  19. VK3SWV – Whalers Bluff AU0117. Op – Mark VK3UA
  20. VK3DX – Lady Bay Upper & Lower AU0049 & AU-0096. Op – Steve
  21. VK2AEJ – MV Cape Don AU-0023
  22. Gerard VK2IO – Sydney Harbour National Park VKFF-0473 and AU-0041

The map below shows the Australia lighthouse locations I worked.

I worked 16 overseas lighthouses.

  1. Tom ZL2LH – Cape Palliser NZ0007 NEW ZEALAND
  2. OZ5EBS – Saeding Strand Mellem Fyr lighthouse DK0014 DENMARK
  3. GB2SL – Spurn Point High and Low lighthouse UK0080 & 0081 ENGLAND
  4. DL0HGW – Lighthouse DE0002 GERMANY
  5. II1L – La Lanterna di Genova LH IT00177 ITALY
  6. 9H6LH – Delimara Point MT0001 MALTA
  7. SZ8G – Lighthouse GR0005 GREECE
  8. 4X03LH – Ashdod lighthouse IL0003 ISRAEL
  9. TN2LW – Kerjean lighthouse FRANCE
  10. PD0FSB – NET006 Nl-0041 NETHERLANDS
  12. OP8L – Lighthouse BEL008 BELGIUM
  13. DL0PJ – lighthouse DL0055 GERMANY
  14. 4X01LH – Jaffa lighthouse IL0001 ISRAEL
  15. 4X04LH – Akko lighthouse IL0004 ISRAEL
  16. ZL2X – Baring Head NZ0005 NEW ZEALAND

Below is a video showing some of the lighthouses I worked around the world.

2 thoughts on “2022 ILLW weekend

  1. hi Paul, you got a lot more lighthouses than me! I was doing Cape St George, though I was using VK2PEZ for the lighthouse and VK2HQ, the club callsign, for the park as Bob and some of the others are very keen to have the club callsign activate as many parks as possible. It wasn’t that easy to make that clear though.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I hope to get back over to Kangaroo Island next year with the call of VK5CWL at the Cape Willoughby lighthouse. This year I had to be content with the comfort of the shack.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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