2022 Remembrance Day (RD) Contest

I took part in the Remembrance Day (RD) Contest over the weekend. It also coincided with the very first sleepover of my little grandson Flynn. But thanks to my wife Marija, I got on air whenever possible.

I made a total of 812 QSOs with a claimed score of 974 points. Contacts were made on 20, 40, & 80m SSB.

The majority of my contacts were on the 40m band. The graph below shows my QSOs per band.

The graph below shows my contacts per State/Territory. The significant majority were into Victoria (VK3). It was really pleasing to get so many contacts into Western Australia (VK6).

Saturday afternoon on 20m was a write-off for the contest, as I was swamped with calls from Europe and UK, and worked a bit of a pile-up. Unfortunately, contacts outside of VK, ZL, & P29 do not count for the RD Contest.

The map below shows my contacts, both RD and DX contacts.

The map below shows my long path 20m contacts into Europe/United Kingdom on Saturday afternoon.

The map below shows my contacts around Australia and New Zealand during the contest. There was not a huge amount of ZL participation that I experienced. I logged 20 ZL contacts.

Whilst working VK and ZL on 40m on Saturday evening I was called by a station in Peru in South America. That was a real surprise.

Thanks to everyone who called. Although a long way off the leaders I had a lot of fun.