Mount Lofty summit, VK5/ SE-005

This was my 2nd SOTA activation, and a lot more phyiscally taxing than the first.  I activated Mount Lofty on the 8th March, 2013.  I made the 90 minute walk up from Waterfall Gully.  However there is a road leading to the Mt Lofty summit and a carpark at the top, for those wanting the easier option.  There is a vistior information centre, cafe, and restaurant located at the summit.  The area ia always busy with tourists who come to admire the spectacular view of the city of Adelaide.


Mount Lofty is 727 metres ASL and is worth 4 points.  It is situated about 15 kms east of the Adelaide CBD, and is the highest point in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges.  It is located about 20 kms west of my home QTH of Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills.

This was a twilight / nighttime activation.  Again I used my Yaesu FT-817nd, 5 watts, and my vertical.

IMG_1622          IMG_1619

A total of 14 stations were contacted on 40m.

Stations worked were:- Mark VK5MK/4; Peter VK3YE/p; Peter VK3PF; Mark VK1MDC; Robert VK6KRC; Wally VK6YS; Barry VK5BW; Roy VK7ROY; Richard VK3IDX; Shaun VK5FAKV; Bob VK5FBBA; Mal VK5MJ; Scott VK5FSKS; & Andy VK5AKH.

I was quite surprised to be getting good signal reports up in VK4 and over in VK6, with just my 5 watts.

I could hear quite a bit of DX coming in from the USA, New Zealand, and French Polynesia, but unfortunately was not able to make contact with them.

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