Mount Lofty VK5/ SE-005 and the Cleland Conservation Park 5CP-042 and VKFF-0778

After our activation at the Mutton Cove Conservation Reserve, Marija and I drove back up into the Mount Lofty Ranges ‘the Adelaide Hills’, on our way back home.  We made a slight detour to SOTA peak Mount Lofty VK5/ SE-005 which is located within the Cleland Conservation Park 5CP-042 & VKFF-0778.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.07.24 pm.png

Above:- Map showing the location of Mount Lofty summit.  Map courtesy of google maps.

I have activated Mount Lofty many times before.  For detailed information on the summit, its history, and details of the Cleland Conservation Park, please see my previous posts at…..

Below is a short video of Mount Lofty and surrounds, as seen by drone.

Mount Lofty is 727 metres above sea level and is worth 4 points for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program.  The summit is one of the most popular in South Australia for SOTA, and has been activated a total of 75 times.

We set up in our normal spot, to the south east of the obelisk near the cafe.  This is away from all of the tourists.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.06.53 pm

Above:- Aerial shot of Mt Lofty showing our operating spot.  Image courtesy of google maps

I kicked off the activation by calling CQ on 7.090, whilst placing a post on Facebook and Marija posted on parksnpeaks.  First in the log was regular SOTA & Park activator and hunter, Peter VK3PF.  This was followed by Hans VK5YX, Peter VK3ZPF, and then Neil VK4HNS.  I had 4 contacts in the log and had qualified the summit.

Marija then took the reigns and logged Neil VK4HNS, Gerard VK2IO, Ken VK3UH, and then Brad VK2CEC mobile.  Marija had her 4 contacts and had qualified the summit.  Marija logged a further 12 stations from VK2, VK3, and VK7.  She was called by Warren ZL2AJ, who had a nice strong signal, but Marija’s 10 watts just wasn’t making the trip over to New Zealand.


I wrapped up the activation by working a handful more stations on 40m, before heading off to the 80m band.  Conditions on 80m were exceptional around South Australia, with great signals from Ian VK5CZ in Clare and Nev VK5WG in Crystal Brook.  But sadly there weren’t too many VK5’s around.  It was nice to log Mick VK3GGG in western Victoria.

I headed off to 20m where I logged 14 stations including four New Zealand stations (ZL2AJ, ZL1BYZ, ZL1BU, & ZL1SKL), and Michael DJ5AV in Germany.  Another German station, a DL2 called, but he was just a little too weak for us to have a valid contact.

So with 33 contacts in the log for me, and 15 for Marija, it was time for us to pack up and head home.  It had been a very enjoyable day.

Marija worked the following stations:-

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 1.58.35 pm

I worked the following stations:-

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 1.50.59 pm



Summits on the Air, 2018, <>, viewed 12th February 2018

One thought on “Mount Lofty VK5/ SE-005 and the Cleland Conservation Park 5CP-042 and VKFF-0778

  1. I’m hoping that there are a few more contacts left at Cleland as I’d like to finish it off and kick off my SOTA chasing up there next weekend.


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