2,000 SOTA Chaser points

Today as a result of working Rik VK3KAN on 3 occasions, I surpassed the 2,000 point mark as a SOTA Chaser.

Unfortunately I missed Rik on his last activation.  I was out the back cleaning out the shed, when the SOTA Goat bleated at me.  So I was hurriedly on my way inside when the phone rang.  By the time I got off the phone, and to the radio 15 minutes later I learnt that Rik had left the summit due to poor weather.  But at least I worked Rik from 3 of his 4 SOTA activations today.  Well done Rik on your efforts.

It seemed like only yesterday that I had reached Shack Sloth level (29th June, 2013).  The last 1,000 points have certainly come very quickly in the past 4 months, with all the SOTA activations every weekend, and even during the week nowadays.

I made up the certificate below for Rik, and will mail this off to him in the next day or two.  Just to say thanks for being a part of one of my SOTA milestones.


2 thoughts on “2,000 SOTA Chaser points

  1. Hi Cliff,

    Congratulations on becoming a Shack Sloth. I am fast approaching the 5,000 point mark now thanks to a lot of dedicated activators. I would love to do more activating, but sadly, I have just 3 summits in close proximity to home and the rest are minimum 100 km away. In fact most are 300 km away. Oh well. When I get back from my Europe holiday, we are buying a 4WD and I hope to go further into the ‘bush’ to complete some activations.

    Cheers & again, well done,


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